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Film production quality today is unreal

With the ever-increasing access to movies and documentaries via streaming, you’ve no doubt been inundated with options. It’s ridiculous to say today that movies of any kind are inaccessible. I’ve even noticed that in the last couple of years, access to old movies (say, 30+ years and older), is now often free on various sites. […]

Feature “Going Viral” in the can

The principal photography of the feature finished last month. Most of the funding was completed last December, but it still needs to go through post-production. Scheduling issues forced us to film over two separate time periods…3 weeks in January and 2 weeks in May. So we really experienced some extreme weather, both cold and hot. […]

Georgia series comes to an end

Whether or not you were a fan and agreed that Ozark had a good finale, there’s no question that Georgia hosted a great TV series! The series was filmed mostly in the state with some in Missouri where the storyline was set. I thought the location scouts really did a great job in finding places […]

In Development: Teen Sci-fi Feature

We’re in the process of making a feature film. It’s called “Going Viral” and is set to be produced (principal photography) this November. The film takes place in the 80’s and is about a 14-year-old boy, Beckett O’Connell, who taps into technology of the future and captures the popularity he’s craved. But tapping into Artificial […]

Location scouting in Georgia

One of the most important things in pre-production is location scouting. Where you decide to shoot is very important to the film and the budget you’re working with. For large films, this often includes a location team. But for smaller budgets, it requires either a dedicated, seasoned person or at least dedicated time from the […]

On location

Filming in Georgia offers a lot of benefits. Of course for larger productions (over $500k) filmed here, there is a 20 percent tax credit. But that aside, the location opportunities for filming in Georgia are boundless. There are the large sound stages (Pinewood/Trilith, EUE/Screen Gems, and Blackhall Studios) in and outside metro Atlanta where more […]