Stranger Things in Georgia

Georgia film production crew Stranger Things

Another heavyweight in terms of Georgia productions has been Stranger Things. The science fiction series set in the 1980s has been a massive hit, loved by millions of viewers worldwide. The series stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Mathew Modine, among many others. The 5th and final season is being filmed and it will be aired in 2024. If you haven’t seen it (even a few episodes with the glut of streaming options today), it’s a good one.

Stranger Things is the perfect blend of science fiction, horror, and nostalgia that will take you on a wild ride to the 1980s. With its retro vibes and eerie soundtrack, the show transports you back to a time
of Walkmans, arcade games, and feathered hair. The storyline follows a group of nerdy grade schoolers who get caught up in a supernatural mystery that threatens their small town. From the very first episode, you’ll likely be hooked on the show’s plot, characters, and mysterious government conspiracies.

The series is full of iconic pop culture references, from E.T. to Dungeons and Dragons, that will leave you feeling nostalgic for the simpler times of your childhood, assuming you’re old enough :). But don’t
let the nostalgia fool you – the show has plenty of jump scares and intense action sequences to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The show’s phenomenal success is due to its excellent production quality, which has been a significant part of its appeal. Fortunately, much of the filming for the series has taken place in Georgia, mostly
around metro Atlanta. Many of the neighborhood sets were in East Point, but also Stone Mountain, Stockbridge, etc. Here again is the AtlasofWonders link on where the actual locations were filmed.

I believe the decision to film here has been a big part of its success. While the story is set in Indiana, Georgia’s diverse landscape has provided a wide range of locations for the show’s filming. The state’s forests, small towns, and urban areas have all played important roles. And show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, have used these locations to create a great sense of 80s nostalgia.

For serious fans of the series, there’s a ‘Stranger Things Experience’ in Atlanta. I recently went and I recommend…particularly if you’re already a fan of the show. It’s an immersive experience where they
use actors, an emergency develops, and you’re given superpowers to save the day. While it’s thematically linked to the series, the events down’t follow any of the storylines in the series.

As a Georgia Film Production, Stranger Things has been a win-win situation for everyone involved. The show has benefited from Georgia’s tax incentives, diverse locations, talented crew, supportive film community, and local businesses. At the same time, Georgia has benefited from the show’s success, which has helped create jobs and boost the local economy. With its unique combination of resources, we’re sure to continue to attract these kinds of iconic productions.