Location scouting in Georgia

One of the most important things in pre-production is location scouting. Where you decide to shoot is very important to the film and the budget you’re working with. For large films, this often includes a location team. But for smaller budgets, it requires either a dedicated, seasoned person or at least dedicated time from the producer and/or the director.

Georgia.gov, in its charge to provide a welcoming environment for filmmakers over the decade, has set up a site where private owners have
submitted their properties as potential film locations. It’s not bad and has a number of entries. You can find that directory here. Still, there are many available locations that aren’t on that public site or others. Finding a good location often requires a professional who spends time in that area approaching private property owners. Technology and location websites are good, but there’s just a lot more to finding a good location than viewing listings.

georgia film location

It’s always a good idea to develop a list of locations for each unique scene. Of course if there are properties favorable to several scenes (eg an existing film set), then that’s even better. But no matter what location or property you find, it’s good practice to have several options at first and pare them down.

Once you’ve narrowed the selections down, you’re going to want to vet the particular locations. If you’re not an expert location scout (not many of these), then there are tutorials, videos, and checklists online for making sure that the location will work for your production. Some factors include space, power, sound, surroundings, parking, and permits. Sound stage space in Georgia is also plentiful, but requires some time to find the right fit and budget as well.

We at Georgia Film Production would be happy to help you find the best filming locations for your production. We help based upon the storyline and budget. Let us know if you need help!