Feature “Going Viral” in the can

The principal photography of the feature finished last month. Most of the funding was completed last December, but it still needs to go through post-production. Scheduling issues forced us to film over two separate time periods…3 weeks in January and 2 weeks in May. So we really experienced some extreme weather, both cold and hot. Each one of those conditions puts different sets of pressures to surmount.

It’s been a great learning experience for all (production, cast and crew) while at the same time, we got to put together a movie that I think will do pretty well…but in terms of critical and audience reception.

As a recap, the movie is set in the 1980’s and follows a high school boy wanting to break out of the rut of his unpopularity. Being a tech nerd, he accidentally finds access to artificial intelligence. He uses this to propel himself to the riches of local stardom. But like today, he comes to realize that technology comes with responsibility, and he gets more than he counts on.

The movie is an homage to the time of early mainstream technology…a time that most people consider was simpler. Fast forward about 30+ years to today and the uncertainty that seems to come along with technology.

As you can expect with all film productions, there were obstacles along the way. But I’d say that overall, the production was great with the cast being its biggest strength. The production team did a great job finding the right talent for each role.

Above are some pics of the production over both shoots. Post production will likely last through September and hopefully the film will be distributed by the end of this year. I’ll update by that time to let
you know when and where you can see it.